Thursday, January 23, 2014


Haihhhh it has been almost a year that I've stopped writing anything on this blog. Life is super busy I can barely make time to sit and write although I have so much to say and want you to read hihi.

Life has been good to me, though more hectic than ever. I'm now officially married (thank God, I feel so much calmer now) but I still prefer to be called 'Miss'. Hahah talking about  issues on letting go the title as a single lady pffftttt.

There were times when I sat and stared at the screen, trying to find words that suited my emotion of that time. I feel teribbly sorry for Yatt; not long after my previous entry, I was told that she had lost her mother. What a tragic. I still remember waking up as my phone beeped next to my ears, just to read that her mother was gone. I typed and deleted few times - looking for the right words to say was not easy. I've been through such lost, and the last word I wish to hear is 'Sabar'. That's not the best word, people. Perhaps you could share things we can say for that matter. Because honestly, I'm still figuring it out.

Losing the ones you love is terribly depressing. It is not easy, it never will be easy. But life has to go on. We have to go on. I keep on reminding myself, that even though my dad is no longer with me - his blood is mine, he is me and I am him. With that, in a way he is still with me but not with the physical existence. Each day passing by - I feel normal. But whatever that could remind me of my lost would make me grieve silently. It feels like a cold pang to my face, and I hate that feeling. I guess I will always feel like this. Truth hurts. Forever.

Well, I hope you know what I mean. Yatt, and those who are facing the same thing - I wish you to be the strongest you can. You will only know your true strength only when you are tested. 

Let He does His job, okay people?
Just smile.