Thursday, October 4, 2012

students, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

this entry is dedicated to those students who have become the cause of my disappointment of the day.

all this while, we often hear students complain this and that about their higher institution. lecturer tak bagus, sistem teruk, assignment banyak, hostel mahal fasiliti tah apa-apa bla bla bla. it's a never ending story when it comes to their complaints. i won't say anything about it because i fully understand sometimes what they said is nothing but the truth. however, how about us, lecturers who teach them wholeheartedly but are taken for granted by them? to whom can we complain?

we must retain our professionalism. to be angry means we are not professional. fine. but we are not god. we are far from perfection and we are just humans. when somebody trigger the anger, sometimes we just react just like other humans would.

our reaction comes from your actions.

what do you expect us to do, when students mess things up with us? when you are told not to come in late - you never listen. when you are told to not to text nor to call after office hour - you never listen. when you are told to introduce yourself properly when you text and call us - you never listen. when you are told to do your assignments and hand them in on time - you never listen. when you are told to study - you never listen.

you NEVER listen. 

so how else can we talk to you? we talk nicely, we laugh together with you, we make fun and we have fun. then you forget who we are and start to treat as with less respect. you forget where you belong.

i'm not talking in a sense that i'm older nor i'm a lecturer therefore i am more superior than you. no. but please behave like adults if you do not want to be treated like children. you don't want us to be angry and start screaming our lungs off - do behave yourselves.

i know many students hate the subject i teach. ENGLISH. but please, i'm not even delighted to teach to those who feel like they have been forced to learn. if not because i sayang anak bangsa i, sebangsa seagama - i would just ignore you. seriously, i'm very much capable of doing that.

i'm not angry at you because you tak pandai. but i am very angry because inilah anak melayu kita. malas mencuba. tak nak berusaha. i tak marah you buat salah. mungkin pada you cara i tak kena, but sometimes i'm out of any way to teach you. it disappoints me sooo much that you guys cannot see how important is this bahasa penjajah yang you all benci sangat ni.

memang bahasa penjajah. fine, i know. tapi you can't deny the fact that it's important and apa yang penting WAJIB dipelajari. WAJIB, i repeat. so no excuses. you want me to help, but you don't want to help yourselves. so how? do yourselves a favour by changing your attitude. you can never learn a language over the night. it takes time. i take years to master this language. and up till now, i am still learning.

so please, stop giving excuses that you tak pandai. rasulullah s.a.w dilahirkan tak terus pandai membaca. baginda diajar membaca, dan baginda berusaha. dalam ayat quran pun dah ada. i may not be the right person untuk melebih-lebih cakap hal ilmu agama - siapalah i; but i hope you get my point.

entahlah. i'm so frustrated sebab i cannot help you. bila students susah hati, sedih cakap tak pandai i feel so helpless because i cannot help you much. STRESS, tahu?

i neh sedaya upaya nak tolong. nak bagi extra mark, suruh participate program bulan bahasa pun nak tak nak. suruh buat assignment paling simple dalam dunia, ada je yang buat nak tak nak, tak pun lagi bagus tak hantar terus. due date bulan lapan, tetiba nak jumpa esok nak submit assignment. what the whaaaaaaat?

lepas tu buat test paling simple dalam dunia - spelling je. and the words dah buat latihan dalam kelas. still tunggang terbalik. miss kelas, miss tests - do nothing. bila markah ciput baru kalut nak mintak redo. what the whaaaaattttttttttttt?

lepas tu fikir kesian lagi ni, nak jugak tolong students walaupun masing-masing perangai macam tahi. mintak WRITE an essay. means karang la esei tu sendiri. tajuk simple, "what have i learned in the first semester". 250 perkataan je. SPM pun 350-360 words tau. ada jugaaaaaaaaakkkk hamba Allah copy paste. bahasa mudah, WRITE AN ESSAY. BUKAN COPY AND PASTE ANY ARTICLE YOU FOUND ON THE NET. 

konon nak tolong pelajar jimat, tayah print kertas so email je. i dah pesan, on the subject put down your name, matric no and your group. SO THAT I KNOW YOU. email kau tah hapa-hapa namaaaa, do you expect me to know who you are? and lagi comel, ada student tanya nak tulis esei dalam group ke sebab ada perkataan group. adohaiiiii. everything has to be in details baru students nak faham ke? logikla sikit, takkan tulis esei dalam kumpulan grrrrr.

seriously, for now i feel like i'm done helping you guys. if this is how you behave - don't blame us the LECTURERS for not having good grades. you should be looking at yourselves first.